S.A.F.E.Projects is processing and storing your personal data with the aim to inform about the possibility to take part in different Erasmus+ projects.

Contact details (name and email) to persons who were in contact with S.A.F.E.Projects in connection to Erasmus+ educational workshops, European Solidarity Corps database, or other mobility projects are saved in the database for three years with the aim to offer new Erasmus+ possibilities.

S.A.F.E.Projects holds information about its members (name, email, phone number) for three years.

Photo and video material made during Erasmus+ mobility projects are disseminated through S.A.F.E.Projects own social media channels (website, you-tube, Instagram, Tiktok and FB) and its direct partners with the aim to promote the Erasmus+ program and disseminate the project’s results. No personal data is given to a third party.

Everyone can enquire about information about his personal data stored or ask for its elimination from our database via safeprojectsforyou (at)
According to the new EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), by participation in Erasmus+ projects you agree to give your personal data for processing and storing in compliance with Erasmus+ rules. According to the agreement between S.A.F.E.Projects and The Netherlands National Agency we are obliged to store this data for 5 years after the project’s end.